Himma Association has Launched  “Be Hope” Campaign to covers a scholarship of living fees which will cover the expenses of housing, food, development programs and activities for one year for five Syrian female university students who has a A level in their studies and have obtained university admission in government  universities in Turkey and are unable to cover their living expenses due to their difficult financial situation.

One of these female students (A. F.), who moved from Syria to Turkey because of the circumstances that Syria is going through, where she lost her father in Syria as well, She continued her secondary school in Turkey and got a rate of excellence, and then took the pre-request exam of the university (YOS) which has also earned a rate of excellence, enabling her to apply to universities and get a free seat at the Faculty of Pharmacy,

Today, (A. F.) may lose this opportunity at university unless her living expenses are covered, which she cannot cover due to her loss of her father and she does not have any other income to cover her living expenses.

Be hopeful for this student and for four other cases this campaign seeks to provide them a scholarship for one year.

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